CompanyDNA's integration with Shopify is designed to streamline e-commerce operations and provide actionable insights for business growth. When you authorize CompanyDNA to connect with your Shopify store, it requests specific read access permissions to optimize your experience. 

Why Integrate Shopify with CompanyDNA?

Integrating the Shopify application with CompanyDNA offers users a robust solution to optimize their e-commerce operations and customer management by leveraging the read scopes for products, customers, orders, discounts, payments, and inventory. This integration enables CompanyDNA to access and analyze detailed data from Shopify, transforming it into actionable insights that streamline and enhance business workflows. Users can benefit from a unified view of their Shopify products, customer interactions, order histories, discount strategies, payment transactions, and inventory levels, ensuring efficient management of sales, stock, and customer relations. With CompanyDNA's AI-driven indexing, users can gain deeper insights into their e-commerce activities, facilitating better decision-making, sales strategies, and customer engagement. Ultimately, integrating Shopify with CompanyDNA ensures that users can maximize the potential of their Shopify data, leading to improved business performance, organized workflows, and more effective e-commerce management.

Access and Permissions

Products Read Access:Access to product information, including product names, descriptions, prices, and inventory levels.Facilitates product catalog management, pricing strategies, and inventory tracking.
Customers Read Access:Access customer information, including names, contact details, order histories, and preferences.Enables customer relationship management, personalized experiences, and marketing analysis.
Orders Read Access:Access order details, including order IDs, products purchased, order statuses, and payment information.Facilitates order management, fulfillment tracking, and revenue analysis.
Discounts Read Access:Access discount details, including discount codes, discount amounts, and usage limits.Enables discount management, promotional campaign analysis, and discount tracking.
Inventory Read Access:Access inventory details, including stock levels, variants, SKUs, and warehouse locations.Facilitates inventory management, stock monitoring, and replenishment strategies.
Payments Read Access:Access payment details, including payment methods, transaction IDs, payment statuses, and amounts.Enables payment tracking, reconciliation, and financial reporting.

Why Do We Need This Access?

The requested read access permissions are essential for CompanyDNA to provide comprehensive e-commerce insights and optimize your Shopify experience. These permissions enable analysis of product performance, customer behavior, order processing, discount effectiveness, inventory management, and payment processing.

Your Control and Privacy

Your privacy and control over your data are crucial. You have the authority to manage and revoke these permissions at any time through your Shopify account settings. Data obtained by companies from third-party applications is stored on their own AWS S3 storage. CompanyDNA AI has no direct connection with this data. At CompanyDNA, we prioritize the security and privacy of user data above all else. Permissions for accessing applications like Shopify are managed securely via OAuth, ensuring that user consent is explicitly obtained and respected. CompanyDNA AI acts as a framework between data and artificial intelligence models.CompanyDNA strictly adheres to Shopify' guidelines and data protection policies to ensure the security and privacy of your information.

Getting Started

To integrate your Shopify store with CompanyDNA:
Log in to your CompanyDNA dashboard.
Navigate to the 'Integrations' section.
Select Shopify and follow the prompts to authorize read access.
Set permissions and preferences for data syncing and analysis as per your e-commerce requirements.
When you are disconnected, your sessions in both CompanyDNA Dashboard and Shopify will be terminated.

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