Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Use ("Terms") set the framework for the relationship between CompanyDNA AI websites (the "Website") and the Website's users (“you”, “You” or the “User”). By using the Website, users signify their unconditional agreement to these Terms. CompanyDNA AI retains the authority to alter these Terms at any point. Accessing the Website for information viewing or platform usage constitutes your compliance with applicable laws and these specified terms of use.

Purpose and Overview

These Terms establish the guidelines for utilizing the Website. This Website serves as a gateway for Users to gain insights into CompanyDNA AI 's operations, offerings, and services, make online purchases, and reach out to CompanyDNA AI with any inquiries related to the provided services.The offerings and products adhere to the overarching service terms and contractual agreements relevant to these services, which can be found at hello@companydna.ai.

Website Accessibility

CompanyDNA AI aims to ensure the Website is accessible to Users around the clock, every day of the week, barring any downtime for maintenance, whether planned or unexpected, or due to unforeseen circumstances.

CompanyDNA AI commits to reinstating access following any service disruptions. CompanyDNA AI is not liable for any harm that may arise from such service interruptions.

Certain areas of the Website might necessitate Users to register an account. Regardless, establishing a User Account is a necessary step for the procurement and utilization of our services.

The information required to set up Your User Account will be specified at the time of collection. The email address you provide during your account creation will be linked to Your User Account.

You assure that the information you provide to CompanyDNA AI is accurate, comprehensive, and current, and that the email linked to Your User Account is checked routinely.

Creating an account using someone else's identity is strictly forbidden. You solely bear the responsibility for keeping your login details and password private to maintain access to your Account. Any access to an Account via a correct username and password is assumed to be conducted by the Account holder or an individual authorized by them.

In engaging with the Website, you represent yourself or act as a legitimate representative of a third party, affirming your capacity to enter into legally enforceable contracts as per the governing laws.

Intellectual Property Rights

Every element of our Website's content, encompassing graphics, text, and logos, is safeguarded under intellectual property legislation. Replicating any part or the entirety of the Website's content is firmly forbidden.

The distribution or copying of information found on our Website or conveyed through the utilization of our services is not permitted, except for personal use that complies strictly with these Terms and any contractual duties related to the services in question.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

We prioritize your privacy. The guidelines at (policy@companydna.ai) detail the methods CompanyDNA AI employs to safeguard and utilize the personal information you provide while navigating and interacting with the Website.


Data obtained by companies from third-party applications is stored on their own servers. CompanyDNA AI has no direct connection with this data. CompanyDNA AI acts as a framework between data and artificial intelligence models.

CompanyDNA AI has made every effort to verify the accuracy of the information provided on this Website. Nonetheless, CompanyDNA AI cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies, omissions, or outcomes that may arise from utilizing this information.

The content available on the Website is intended solely for educational purposes and does not constitute a legal promise or any form of agreement, either stated or implied, by CompanyDNA AI. Moreover, CompanyDNA AI retains the authority to alter any aspect of the Website whenever necessary.

Links to external websites or other online resources ("External Sources") may be found on the Website. CompanyDNA AI does not exercise control over these External Sources and, as a result, accepts no liability for them. Consequently, CompanyDNA AI disclaims all responsibility for the content, advertisements, products, services, and any additional materials found on or linked to from these External Sources. Furthermore, CompanyDNA AI is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or losses incurred through the use of or reliance on the information, goods, or services provided by these External Sources.

Governing Law and Legal Jurisdiction

The regulations and interpretation of these Terms are subject to the legal framework of the USA. Should any controversy related to the Website or these Terms occur, and if no friendly resolution can be reached, the matter will fall under the purview of the judicial system of the USA.

Getting in Touch

For reports concerning unlawful content or actions associated with the Website, kindly reach out to CompanyDNA AI via: hello@companydna.ai