CompanyDNA's integration with Zoom aims to streamline communication and collaboration by providing actionable insights. When you authorize CompanyDNA to connect with your Zoom account, it requests specific read access permissions to enhance your experience.

Why Integrate Zoom with CompanyDNA?

Integrating the Zoom application with CompanyDNA offers users significant benefits by leveraging Zoom's extensive data through the Information Scopes, Meeting Read Access, Group Read Access, Conference Room Read Access, Dashboard Read Access, and Calendar Read Access. By incorporating these scopes, CompanyDNA enables users to streamline and enhance their Zoom experience, making meeting management more efficient and insightful. Users can access detailed meeting analytics, track group activities, and optimize conference room usage. The integration also facilitates better scheduling and coordination through calendar access, providing a comprehensive view of meetings and events. Overall, this integration empowers users to harness Zoom's capabilities more effectively, leading to improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

Access and Permissions

Account Read Access:View access to account information such as settings, billing, and usage statistics.Enables CompanyDNA to provide insights into account management, subscription details, and resource utilization.
Calendar Read Access:Access to calendar events and schedules integrated with Zoom.Facilitates insights into meeting schedules, availability, and integration with other calendar tools.
Chat Read Access:Access to chat messages and conversations within Zoom.Enhances insights into team communication, discussions, and collaboration efforts.
Conference Room Read Access:View access to conference rooms, including settings and usage statistics.Provides insights into room utilization, meeting frequency, and resource allocation.
Dashboard Read Access:Access to Zoom dashboard data, including analytics, reports, and performance metrics.Enables data-driven decision-making, performance evaluation, and optimization of collaboration tools.
Group Read Access:Access to group information, including members, settings, and permissions.Facilitates insights into team structures, collaboration dynamics, and communication patterns.
Meeting Read Access:View access to meeting details, participants, recordings, and feedback.Enhances insights into meeting effectiveness, participant engagement, and follow-up actions.
Information Scopes:Access to general information related to Zoom usage, features, and updates.Provides contextual information and updates relevant to your Zoom usage.

Why Do We Need This Access?

The requested read access permissions are essential for CompanyDNA to provide comprehensive insights and optimize your Zoom experience. These permissions enable analysis of account management, communication patterns, collaboration dynamics, and meeting effectiveness.

Your Control and Privacy

Your privacy and control over your data are crucial. You have the authority to manage and revoke these permissions at any time through your Zoom account settings. Data obtained by companies from third-party applications is stored on their own AWS S3 storage. CompanyDNA AI has no direct connection with this data. At CompanyDNA, we prioritize the security and privacy of user data above all else. Permissions for accessing applications like Zoom are managed securely via OAuth, ensuring that user consent is explicitly obtained and respected. CompanyDNA AI acts as a framework between data and artificial intelligence models.CompanyDNA strictly adheres to Zoom' guidelines and data protection policies to ensure the security and privacy of your information.

Getting Started

To integrate your Zoom account with CompanyDNA:
Log in to your CompanyDNA dashboard.
Navigate to the 'Integrations' section.
Select Zoom and follow the prompts to authorize read access.
When you are disconnected, your sessions in both CompanyDNA Dashboard and Zoom will be terminated.

For any questions or assistance, contact our support team at [hello@companydna.ai].

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